It’s been a busy week.

Last Thursday I had a mixture of good and bad news. Two abstracts I was hopeful about we’re rejected for IBM Connect, but a third was accepted. I’ll be presenting with Mike McGarel – not the first time I’ve presented with someone who works for Czarnowski, but this time there isn’t any plan for any costumes! We’re doing a session Mike suggested, called “It’s Not Herculean: Twelve Tasks Made Easier with IBM Lotus Domino XPages”. (On reflection of recent announcements, maybe there’s one word too many in that title!) The session is a fusion of two passions of mine – XPages and Greek Mythology. There will be some a very imaginative sample app (thanks to a nice idea from Mike), some cunning links, some nice demos including a demo from my very first XPages session and an interesting idea for a finale.

Also at IBM Connect we are coordinating a signing of XPages Extension Library. Watch out for further details closer to the time. I’m also looking forward to getting my hands on Ed Brill’s masterpiece, Opting In: Lessons in Social Business from a Fortune 500 Product Manager, for which I also contributed a short sidebar with Bruce Elgort.

I also had some good news on Friday about another project I’m working on for IBM Connect. No details yet, but I’ve already had good feedback. It’s also highlighted to me the power of the rich client. XPages offers power and I’m a huge fan, but this project has reminded me that there are real benefits of the rich client. For more details though, you’ll have to wait until shortly before IBM Connect.

Then on Friday Dave Leedy released a NotesIn9 episode I finally got round to doing. It initially covers the Eclipse search functionality, but the goes on to show how you can take advantage of alternative editors for DXL and also make changes to traditional Notes design elements. I also covered how to recover if you break the DXL!

Finally, today I heard that I had been confirmed as an IBM Champion for 2013. It’s something I’ve been very proud of, something worked hard on and I look forward to contributing further over the year to come.

3 thoughts on “NotesIn9, IBM Connect and IBM Champion – A Busy Week And More To Come”

  1. You wrote: “It’s also highlighted to me the power of the rich client.”

    By “rich client”, do you just mean the Notes client? If so, why not just call it that? If not, what are you referring to?

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