While using source control I recently encountered one aspect of traditional Domino development that does not play well with DXL round-tripping. Because I tend to be merging changes outside of Domino Designer, in my preferences (Domino Designer > Source Control) I have Use Binary DXL for source control operations deselected.

source control


Recently I was working on a database that is now a hybrid of traditional Domino web and XPages. In some Forms the JavaScript libraries had been inserted into the JS Header using Create > Resource > Insert Resource. Unfortunately JavaScript libraries inserted in this way are not referenced in the DXL in a way that allows them to be round-tripped. They appear as an item with just the Form name inside, but no content:


CSS stylesheet inserted in the HTML Head using Create > Resource > Insert Resource appear as rawdata elements, so are fine.

Once aware of it, it’s not a huge problem to change. Simple HTML can be used in the HTMLHead to insert the same script library. But it is something that should be borne in mind when using source control with existing Domino web applications.

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  1. Paul, I’m embarrassed to say, mea culpa

    This removal of $$ScriptName is not IBM or DXL’s problem. This is caused by Dora / Swiper’s filtering settings.

    The xsl file which strips out elements includes the entry:

    Which strips out the $$ScriptName item.

    A fix will be to provide a different xsl file that does not contain this entry.
    This can be done under ‘Preferences -> Swiper’ and select a custom XSLT filter using the browse button.
    I suggest copying the existing ‘DXLClean.xsl’ file from the src/org/openntf/swiper/action folder and modifying to suit

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