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Yesterday I heard that I was accepted for two sessions for IBM ConnectED at the end of January. They are:

Title: XPages Performance and Scalability
Conference/Track: Track 7: Master Classes
Speaker(s): Tony McGuckin; Paul Withers
Abstract: This session by Tony McGuckin and IBM Champion Paul Withers is a deep dive on key aspects of the XPages application development framework which will enable you to tune your applications for optimal performance and scalability for any given use case. Learn how to manage the XPages request life cycle, how to apply special xsp.properties settings to conditionalize runtime behaviours, how to use the XPages toolbox to identify bottlenecks, and much more. This is a must-see session for anyone deploying robust enterprise-ready applications.

It’s an honour to speak with Tony who has plenty of experience of digging into these aspects of XPages. A lot of my content will be building on research for sessions at various LUGs in 2012, culminating in a very memorable session with Tim Tripcony at UKLUG. We initially planned to do the session at BLUG earlier that year, but Tim had to pull out. Tim’s example code for a PhaseListener proved a key element in helping me understand the XPages lifecycle. It’s now a key element of any training I deliver on XPages, because if you understand the lifecycle, it radically changes your expectations and gives you greater control over your application.

Title: From XPages Hero to OSGi Guru: Taking the Scary out of Building Extension Libraries
Conference/Track: Track 4: Best Practices
Speaker(s): Paul Withers
Abstract: You’ve built up a corpus of standard XPages controls, jQuery plugins, JavaScript frameworks, CSS resources and SSJS/Java libraries you use in your applications. Surely there’s a better way than copying and pasting from NSF to NSF? Or maybe you have reached the limit of design elements in an NSF. We’ll show you best practices for setting up a development environment, demystify some key concepts of the XSP Starter Kit, and show how to test, debug and deploy your plugin efficiently. Co-presented with Christian Guedemann.

This session will be taking elements of my session at ICON UK with John Cooper earlier this year. Over the last two years I’ve encountered more and more developers who are coding XPages using Java. This year, a significant number of OSGi plugins have been published on OpenNTF, and it is becoming the next step for many developers. Between myself and Christian, we’ve got experience of working on many of the OSGi plugin projects on OpenNTF, so we’ll be offering our experience and expertise. A number of aspects have become easier in recent months and we’ll focus on not only deploying server-side components, but also client-side resources.

For those not attending ConnectED, as always, I’ll be publishing the slides after the event.

There is also still one week to vote for the Chalk Talk sessions before the December 5th deadline https://www.socialbizug.org/wikis/home?lang=en-us#!/wiki/Wb974e059e3e4_4953_b78c_7dff4b424e16/page/Vote%20for%20Your%20Favorite%20Chalktalk%20Sessions.

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