It’s been a while since I added anything to my Dojox Charting tutorial, although recently I’ve been looking (albeit very briefly) at the functionality available for 3D charts. With the release of the XPages Extension Library earlier this year, with which there were a number of Dojo widgets packaged, I was interested and a little nervous to find out whether charting was on the roadmap. After a recent enquiry, I received with mixed feelings the news that there is no immediate plan to package the dojox charts in a future release of the XPages Extension Library.

The mixed feelings were because, after belatedly releasing the Audit Comments Custom Control on OpenNTF (and I welcome any feedback on that functionality), my next thoughts are to develop the various dojox charts as custom controls and release them on OpenNTF. There are technical challenges to overcome (e.g. managing data sources and I’ve had problems in the past with multiple custom controls calling XSP.addOnLoad), but it sounds like something that could be of interest to the community. If successful, my hope would be to extend those custom controls into Java controls delivered alongside the XPages Extension Library. But bearing in mind that my knowledge of Java is limited, it would be a number of months before I could reach that point.

So my questions are twofold:

1) Would developers be interested in dojox charting custom controls that could be plugged into any XPage, pointed to a data source, and would render e.g. a pie chart, column chart etc.? And is there any specific functionality you would look for?

2) After they have been packaged as custom controls, would developers want them as Java controls for inclusing in the XPages Extension library?

Please bear in mind that it would take some time for me to develop this, although I would envisage releasing multiple versions on OpenNTF with earlier versions comprising a subset of chart types. I look forward to your feedback.

12 thoughts on “Would XPages Dojox Charting Custom Controls Be A Welcome Addition?”

  1. I would certainly be interested.

    As great as the extension library is I am not using it for now because I don’t want to fork our code based on whether an admin will install the extensions on their server.


  2. Yes, should be a standard set that come with the product or available on OpenNTF for column, stacked column, Line, and pie charts. We can always add on, as most of us do, but much quicker development would be great.

  3. Paul,

    Defo interested…I think something fairly simple to start with would be good. Don’t know if you have thought about getting others to help you….

  4. Yes I would be very interested, as I am currently developing a set of custom controls for dojo charts. I will just be creating a template for our developers to copy and “tweak” to point to the required data source.

    It would be great to have a custom control with configurable properties that we could pass in our options, such as the chart type, data source, theme, height and width etc…

  5. Iona Zalissetskaia

    Yes, I would be very interested in that, especially if you could plot whatever you want on either axis at any one time.

  6. Including dojox chart in the future package will be very much awaited. Lots of new developers were forced to present the data visualization via chart. Including the Dojox Charting in the package will help new developers a lot. Regards.

    1. Julian Buss got there before I did, with YouAtNotes xCharting project on OpenNTF. I haven’t investigated in depth, but it’s worth looking at that.

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