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The latest release of XPages Extension Library hit OpenNTF earlier this week, release 14 for 9.0.1. In addition to Bluemix-related enhancements, there have been some notable enhancements to the pickers based on a pull request I submitted. As ever, it’s great to see code I’ve suggested being taken into the project.

Probably the biggest enhancement is a valueNameFormat property on the Name Picker, allowing the developer to define the Name format to convert the selected name to (e.g. abbreviated, canonical etc.). This is likely to be a big boost to developer performance when names are selected that need to be used for security.

The ability to define the search type has also been extended to the Name Picker – starts from, exact match, full text search of the name. I see that being of benefit for larger companies, being able to quickly identify the names to pick from.

Lastly, if “match” was selected for the Value Picker, previous functionality meant nothing appeared. By default now, everything will appear. To show the benefit of contributing back rather than just extending, the XPages development team have enhanced that functionality further, by allowing you to revert to the previous behaviour by adding a new Xsp Property – xsp.extlib.dominoViewPicker.searchMatch.emptyKey.all=false.

I would also like to draw attention to a small but very effective enhancement contributed by Jesse Gallagher. Ever since the start of the Extension Library there has been an ExtLibUtil.resolverVariable(FacesContext, String) method. Many developers (including myself) have probably added their own wrapper in their applications, to allow them to just pass the second parameter, the name of the variable to resolve. Jesse contributed that small method back to the Extension Library (probably just three lines in total), but it shows how those little boosts to our own performance can be shared with a wider community, improving the experience for us all.

Thanks IBM and the community for yet another great Extension Library release!

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