Culture Shift

Understand your culture in terms of collaboration and create a social business strategy that is in harmony with it. Simply making the technology available to employees is not enough; in fact it is a recipe for failure.

70 % of social business deployments are failing today due to the lack of a social business strategy.

Creating a truly open and vibrant collaboration culture takes time and it is not easy. Let’s be clear, in terms of organisational impact, social business will have a bigger impact than the internet or Google. The approved and encouraged rise of the influence chart over the organisational chart is not something that most company employees can easily understand or embrace (particularly middle management). There will be a number of people who will feel threatened by the fact that their value to the organisation will be judged by new criteria and that those passing judgment will often be lower down the organisation hierarchy. There will be a fear that this judgment of their value will be visible by all. Transparency is essential to the credible functioning of any social network and that is a huge cultural shift for many company employees.

Taking the time to understand how a social business will affect specific people and groups in your organisation and shaping a strategy to accommodate this is mission critical. An off the peg approach is suicidal. As difficult and time consuming as it may be, you have no choice but to take a bespoke tailoring approach when developing your social business strategy. This hard work put in at the start will pay dividends much sooner than you think.

Now onto Step 2 – Create a dedicated delivery team

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