Create a dedicated delivery team

Unless and until an organisation creates a budget for a dedicated social business delivery team, user adoption will wax and wane and eventually tail off. The delivery team is a group of people (roughly 1 for every 1000 employees) who work full time on the user engagement and sustained adoption challenges relating to the roll-out of a social business platform.

The delivery team will have ownership of the collaboration platform to begin with. They should work directly with all the organisational departments and act as the community managers for the business in the early stages of this new collaboration garden. The role of a community manager is a new one in most companies and so no obvious path for recruitment exists. Indeed this is one of the biggest challenges for companies today as this is not a role that can in any way be outsourced either. A Community Roundtable report described the roles as follows:

  • ‘A Community Manager is NOT an IT person, it’s not a “Web Expert”, it’s not even someone who claims to be a “Social Media” expert. They don’t exist by the way. Don’t let them fool you, please!’
  • ‘The Community Manager might look something like the spider in the web, weaving the web. Yes, there you go, it’s a Weaver – A Weaver of Relationships!’
  • ‘The Community Manager is more like a networked journalist or extremely clever and creative person who can take an idea from nothing and create something beautiful or smart.’
  • ‘We see community leaders as explorers, builders and translators – charting new paths for their organisations in a complex new environment’.

This lack of a traditional job definition highlights the challenge. Yet to proceed without a properly budgeted for delivery team in place is a futile approach that will eat up time, money, and momentum.

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