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HCL Nomad, Number Fields and Decimals

Recently a custom highlighted an issue with entering decimals on Number fields in HCL Nomad. After some troubleshooting I was able to pinpoint the specific settings that resulted in the problem. With a Number field, on the second tab “Control”, you can set the number format with decimal places and additional display formatting. These control …

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Intec / HCL Webinar – Countdown to Domino & Sametime V11

On November 18th Intec will be hosting a webinar with Andrew Manby of HCL titled “Countdown to Domino & Sametime V11“. The abstract is: With the imminent launch of Domino and Sametime V11, plus Connections 6.5, join Intec and Andrew Manby for a fireside chat on the progress of betas for Domino and Nomad, key …

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OSGi, Maven and Building Domino p2 Update Sites

**SHAMELESS PLUG:** With me moving to HCL next month, it’s always important to ensure there is sufficient resiliency in the development teams of open source projects. There are always areas where OpenNTF Domino API may be of benefit, but there will be projects I’m involved in where it won’t. There will also be a big …

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One Line of Code, 1.2Mb To The Size

A current project involves creating a custom ICEC widget. Thankfully, Dmitri Prosper created a great starter utility for doing so.It’s a Node.js application that uses webpack to build a finished JavaScript file that is your custom widget. The custom widget I’ve been creating is quite complex and has involved a lot of to-ing and fro-ing …

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Node-RED 1.0 Released

Yesterday Node-RED 1.0 was released. For those of us who have been using Node-RED for some time, this doesn’t mean any change in the stability of the product. But it’s a significant milestone. What’s also impressive is the scale of increase in adoption, as highlighted in this tweet: There have been some significant developments over …

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Understanding Pub Sub

One of the big amendments in Domino V11 is pub sub. It brings a lot of potential, but only with the proper understanding of how to leverage it. It’s a concept many Domino developers may be unfamiliar with, but one that has a lot of parallels in web development. In Vert.x there is the Event …

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OSGi Plugin Troubleshooting

Earlier this week I had a discussion with Graham Acres about an error with ODA. Firstly, there are two scenarios around plugin errors, and it’s important to know the difference: Errors in the “Problems” view in Domino Designer. This is a problem with your Designer client – or the last Designer client the application was …

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What Domino Makes Trivial Number Three: Web Sockets

Richard Moy added an interesting comment to my last blog post, wishing that HCL would add Web Sockets support to the core. It’s a popular requirement, and one that people have tried to work around. John Jardin added a web sockets server to our React application for our JavaScript session at IBM Think 2018, so …

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