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Extended XPages Extension Library Demo Database (a.k.a node-demo.nsf)

With the App Dev Pack available on Windows and IAM server out of beta, HCL and IBM have done the work to go beyond the anonymous access to Domino data from Node.js. And with Engage around the corner, no doubt all speakers are thinking about demos, if they haven’t started doing them already. Obviously installing …

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Eclipse Theia: Initial Thoughts on A New IDE

Last week Stephan Wissel pointed me towards Eclipse Theia, an open source cloud and desktop IDE platform written in TypeScript. This provides the VS Code experience in a browser. Firstly, there are some assumptions and misconceptions that are worth addressing for people coming from a Notes / Domino background. That Eclipse, Not That Eclipse Domino …

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Docker and Data

One of the frustrations I have with trying new technologies is when the documentation covers a specific operating system, especially when it combines another technology that requires a certain level of understanding. I had that recently with a new product where the Docker commands for creating a container were given, with no explanation about them. …

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OpenNTF GitHub Process Enhancements

Since it was founded in 2008, GitHub has become a significant site for open source. It’s evolved over time with a lot of ancillary functionality, many areas of which I’ve not had much experience of. Most of my personal development, for conferences and non-ICS areas, goes through GitHub. It’s certainly the place I’ve used typically …

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Adventures in Git

I’ve been using source control and git flow for a long time. Indeed I delievered a session with Declan Lynch at Lotusphere 2014 on source control. (If you want all 337 slides at over 17Mb, here is the download. If you prefer videos, I did a NotesIn9 covering the SourceTree part.) A blog post would …

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Intec Sponsorship of OpenNTF

We are proud to confirm that Intec are now sponsors of OpenNTF, with our Domino Next Step Hub, an area focused on what Domino and Intec can offer. It’s an exciting time for the products that Intec have worked with for a long time. And it’s the right time for a renaissance also for open …

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Preventing “Build Automatically” Via Policy

As one of the first steps in XPages training I cover making configuration and settings changes to Domino Designer to optimise your experience. One of those is switching off Build Automatically. Unless your day-to-day ID only has Editor or below access to applications, sooner or later having Build Automatically enabled will cause problems. Its enabled …

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